A Boy Less Ordinary

A window on my bumpy journey as a parent: helping my neurodiverse son navigate the world, empowering myself with knowledge and redefining my understanding of parenting.

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  • Blog#23: Empathy exists
    Has your child or young person ever acted in a way that made you think: ‘they don’t seem to have any empathy?!’ Perhaps you’ve been trying to get them to see your point of view about something, and it just seems impossible. Maybe they’ve exhibited some distressed behaviour in the form of a meltdown,Continue reading “Blog#23: Empathy exists”
  • Blog#22: Naughtiness doesn’t exist
    I wrote this blog about my dislike of the word ‘naughty’ in 2021. It popped into my mind in recent weeks when a certain high-profile self-proclaimed ‘supernanny’ decided to share her thoughts on naughtiness, and how we now prefer to ‘label’ our kids rather than admit they are just naughty. Ok, I’m just goingContinue reading “Blog#22: Naughtiness doesn’t exist”
  • Blog#21: Separation Anxiety
    Separation anxiety is a really bloody complicated thing. And when you have a neurodivergent child, it can be totally overwhelming and affect so many aspects of family life. As parents, it can make us feel smothered, frustrated and angry even. Desperate for time away from our children to be able to rest, re-calibrate andContinue reading “Blog#21: Separation Anxiety”